3D Print

16 microns precision

3D printing – the process of producing three dimensional physical objects based on a computer model.

The equipment that we use in this field is a professional Stratasys Objet 3D printer. It is designed to process materials dedicated to dentistry. These materials are certified for contact with human tissue and can be sterilized. Using 3D Poly Jet technology we are able to maintain precision up to 16 microns. It is an undoubted advantage necessary for printing models with specialized applications. The 3D printer is designed to create surgical templates in implantology and dental products tailored to the comolitions in the patient’s mouth. The cooperation of 3D printing and the CAD-CAM. System works very well and gives fast, precise results. On the basis of an intraoral scan, we are able to print a 3D model on which we design the target work in the CAD process and then mill the finished project in the CAM system.

Druk 3d
3D model

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